Purchase Regene Supreme set here.

The price for Regene Supreme SET of 3 products is  99 EUR.

Delivery time 3-5 business days.

Free shipping worldwide.

We do not ship to Switzerland.  Please contact for Switzerland our distributor WinDis AG, www.Windisag.ch or info@windisag.ch.


In case of any irritations from using Regene Supreme and if you do not wish to continue using it, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and we will refund you immediately.

Such cases have not been observed, however, the product is concentrated and focused on strong regeneration and efficacy,  and as it is not classified as daily usage skincare - we do not provide sample products or sachets for trials. That's why we understand our customers' desire to be protected against such cases, because the specific ingredients of the product does not result in low cost-product.