Scientific tests and results of Regene Supreme
 Regene Supreme is developed and produced in northern Europe. Our company has more than 11 years experience in skincare development and production in the field of professional skincare.
Regene Supreme is developed by German and Swiss specialists, synergizing the knowledge and experience in development of highly complicated and specific skincare products. Patent pending formulation.
One of Regene Supreme superingredients is Ectoin® natural. Ectoin® natural is a powerful multifunctional active ingredient with outstanding efficacy. It prevents cell damage and provides repair and regeneration for aged, stressed and irritated skin. Made in Germany.
Ectoin® is a 100% natural and very powerful stress protection molecule–a so called “Extremolyte”. Extremolytes are small protection molecules, which are generated by extremophilic microorganisms and plants. These plants and microorganisms thrive in the harshest environments one can imagine. They use extremolytes to protect themselves from the lethal conditions of their habitats.Natural Ectoin® exclusively originates from extremophilic microorganisms like halomonas elongata.
An in vivo study was carried out on 10 female volunteers over a period of 4 weeks. The aim of the study was to analyze the efficacy of 0.5% Ectoin natural with regard to the reduction of wrinkles in the crow´s feet area.

A 4 weeks treatment with 0.5% Ectoin natural showed a remarkable improvement of all wrinkle parameters in the eye area. 100% of the test subjects demonstrated a significant anti-wrinkle effect with Ectoin natural.
On the contrary, the placebo cream showed no positive efficacy at all. Here all the wrinkle parameters showed even a deterioration of the respective values. Invivo efficacy tests shows:Anti-wrinkle efficacy in crow´s feet area after 4 weeks of 2x/daily application with 0.5% Ectoin® natural cream vs. placebo:
Capture ection.JPG
24 female volunteers (30-60 years old) with normal, dry and sensitive skin using cream containing 2% Ectoin natural and placebo cream 2x/day for 28 days.
Measured parameters:
Skin surface parameters (smoothness, wrinkle depth, scaling, roughness) measured by SELS method (Visioscan ) at day 0 and day 28.
Visco-elasticity & biologic elasticity measurement with Cutometer (in AU) at day 0 and day 28.

After 4 weeks of treatment with Ectoin natural a visible and significant amelioration of the skin micro relief was observed. Deep structures were smoothed. The skin looked healthier and rejuvenated.
100% of the subjects demonstrated a significant effect for all measured parameters.
The wrinkle volume was improved by up to 23% after 4 weeks of treatment with Ectoin natural.
Skin scaling was reduced by -76%, roughness by up to -86%.
1 The skin´s elasticity was increased.
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Ectoin natural is the only anti-pollution active ingredient that protects the skin from PM of all sizes (including PM0.1 - ultrafine particulate matter, also known as UFP) as well as PAHs, heavy metals, nitrogen dioxide and other toxic air pollution components. The ex vivo study was carried out by the IUF Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine (Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Jean Krutmann), Düsseldorf, Germany. The aim of the study was to show that Ectoin protects the skin from natural pollution induced damage and aging.

The aim of the study was to confirm the anti-pollution efficacy of Ectoin natural in a specific, objective and reliable in vivo setting.
This in vivo study was carried out by a specialized dermatological center in Germany. The study design is the most innovative, controlled and standardized in vivo pollution test method currently available.

MDA results from lipid peroxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the skin and is one of the reactive electrophile species that cause toxic stress in skin cells. Therefore it can be used as a marker for air pollution induced skin damage.
Cigarette smoke application on the volar forearm after 5 days of treatment with 1% Ectoin natural.
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Ectoin natural shows global anti-pollution efficacy .
After only 5 days of application, the pollution induced lipid peroxidation in the skin was
remarkably reduced by 48%.
Ectoin natural is capable to shield the skin from the whole spectrum of air pollution
components including heavy metals and PAHs as well as all particle sizes (including PM0.1 and smaller).
Ectoin natural provides complete and instant protection from pollution induced skin damage and aging, including skin pigmentation.
Pollution–stressed and irritated skin is soothed and comprised skin barrier is
Due to environmental factors such as sun radiation, blue light and air pollution as well as oxidative stress, the skin can experience hyperpigmentation – unwanted freckles and pigment spots increasingly arise.
The aim of the in vivo study was to show the whitening and skin lightening efficacy of Ectoin natural.
In vivo study with 22 female Asian test persons (36-60 years old) with phototype III and IV.

Skin lightness significantly increased by up to 3%, this effect was observed on 100% of the test persons.
Skin pigmentation decreased significantly by up to 28%.
Variation between pigmented skin and normal skin significantly decreased by up to 22%.
Ectoin natural can reduce the difference of pigmentation.
Most commercialized sunscreens afford effectiveness against UVB and UVA but do not give significant protection against visible light.
The photo protective properties of Ectoin against natural the combination of visible light and UVA- radiation and visible light only were tested on human dermal keratinocytes.

All tested concentrations of Ectoin natural showed a highly significant level of photo protection against the combination of UVA/visible light and the irradiation with visible light on the cellular level.
Ectoin natural completes sunscreen and day care formulations for a full spectrum protection against UVA-radiation and visible light (including blue light) damage.
Level of photo protection: 92.7% (visible light) and 68.9% (UVA/visible).

During the study, the hydration level in the skin increased up to 200% compared to the placebo treated skin.
Although the topical application was stopped on day 12 for the following 7 days, the hydration status was preserved during this period, underlining a significant long-term moisturizing  effect of Ectoin natural.
The long-term hydration efficacy of Ectoin natural is based on its repairing properties and the consequent enhancement and restoration of the skin barrier.

After 10 days of application, the increased hydration level remained nearly constant until the end of the study period (day 19).
What else makes Regene Supreme so powerful?
Pentavitin is another super ingredient of Regene Supreme. Unique composition similar to that of the carbohydrate complex (NMF) found in human skin. Derived from plant based D-glucose.
Pentavitin stimulates key genes playing a role in the skin barrier. Deep hydration for 72 hours. Strengthens skin barrier function.  Improves a comfortable skin feeling & a healthy skin appearance.
Provides the skin with an instant even, luminous and mat complexion with no white residue when DAB brings a physiological lightening effect. TiO2Mn can absorb UVA and UVB and
neutralizes free radicals. DAB helps to decrease the amount of melanin in the skin by stabilizing tyrosinase in its inactive form.
Very significant / T0 improvement of the complexion evenness: 10.3%. Hyperpigmented
areas are less visible. Skin luminosity is improved. Skin is less yellow and less red for most of the panellists.
Lumisphere™ creates a soft-focus effect on all the imperfections of the skin: blemishes, lines, skin grain, pores.