Customer feedback about Regene Supreme
Alexandra from Germany, 07.01.2019
I was one of the first persons trying Regene Supreme as test group member. I was impressed by the team and specific work around RS. I smoke 13 years and Regene Supreme surprised me with the results. My face looked restored after Regene Supreme 1,5 month treatment. I use RS 4 times a year and it is enough.
Ursula from Germany, 05.09.2019.
I tried Regene Supreme once - in July, for 1,5 months. All 3 products in set are for approx. 1,5 months. The creams are very fine and nice to use. The day cream is lighter, the night cream is richer in consistency. The foam is also very nice and smells a bit like probiotic, due to lactic acid. I see Regene Supreme as SOS treatment for my smokers skin, as remedy , so I would use it even if I wouldn't like the smell or consistency, since it is only for 1,5 months. But the smell is nice, fresh, very, very little. Results - yes, I see my face glowing again! Absolutely refreshing and regenerating. I have sensitive skin and I am fine with RS. No irritations.
Agnieszka from Poland, 13.09.2019.
I am now using Regene, so I can not tell about the results yet, but I am very happy, that you guys made such a product. It is fantastic to have something specific and extra to boost and protect my skin from smoke. RS feels good, I like the smell, consistency and I think my face looks already much better. About results - I will let you know guys.
Angela from Italy, 02.10.2019.
I like the day cream very much! It moisturizes perfectly and it protects very well. The night cream is very nourishing , rich in consistency and I see strong anti aging effect. The foam - skin is very smooth after using a foam. I feel good with it and I think, RS gives a huge support to my skin. If I only read, what is inside RS - I feel already good :) After 3 weeks - my skin already looks like after holidays in Bahamas. I will definitely take 4 course a year.
Monika from Germany, 10.10.2019.
I was in the test group of RS and tested Regene for one year. I am 46 now and I smoke 8 years. I can say, that Regene saved my look and turned back my age a bit. In some kind it is a super product, very specific ingredients and deep knowledge behind it. I can suggest RS to everybody, who smokes or is even passive smoker. Take care!
Sanita from Latvia, 12.12.2019.
Fantastic aroma! Balanced, refreshing and calming at the same time. Very nice texture, quickly absorbed into the skin, creates a moisturizing feeling. Also, the day cream is absorbed very quickly, without having to wait to apply make-up. No dry skin feeling, which is pleasantly surprising. And its fantastic aroma – awakens me in the early hours of the morning.
Ineta from Latvia, 10.01.2020.
Thank you for this wonderful face kit! I like everything – the texture of cream, foam, smell. Visible progress - my face is fresher, firmer, more radiant. I will definitely buy the next set. Thank you very much!