Smoking consumes or destroys many vital substances, therefore, you need a valuable and concentrated diet.

If you want to supply the body with as many nutrients as possible, you will achieve this largely by consuming fruits and vegetables. It is best to take them fresh, preferably local fruits and vegetables. Long transport routes or storage significantly reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals.

Processed foods have a lower content of valuable substances, with significant loss of valuable substances through heating, scalding and peeling.

High quality oils such as olive, rapeseed, walnut, sesame or soy oil are important sources of vitamin E and omega-3. They have a positive effect on cholesterol.

Smoking often causes mucus formation in the bronchi. Drinking water may reduce this phenomenon. Dairy products, in turn, can increase mucus formation.
Particular attention should be paid to the supply of calcium. Legumes, dates, nuts, cereals, green leafy vegetables, leeks, peas and carrots can all serve as sources of calcium.

Seek a balance between an acidic and alkaline diet. Consume less meat, avoid white flour and refined sugar, and eat fish more often.

Observe your blood fat and cholesterol levels. The main risk of smoking is an increase in these values, which have long-term fatal effects on the cardiovascular system.

The main rule is to eat versatile. Firstly, vegetables and fruits, as well as cereal products, legumes, fish and, in small quantities, meat, eggs and high-quality fats. Herbs and spices also provide important nutrients.

Life-saving substances in the form of nutritional supplements are not always an alternative.



Let’s begin with the bad news: Smoking speeds up the aging process. On the phone, dermatologist Dr. Emily Wise rattled off the five ways that smoking negatively impacts your skin: (1) Smoking robs your skin of oxygen. (2) It causes more broken capillaries and dilated blood vessels, leading to uneven skin tones and redness. (3) It makes collagen and elastin, the essence of youthful skin, break down much faster. (4) Squinting and pursing your lips causes increased lines around the mouth and brows. (5) It decreases vitamin-A levels in the skin, creating drier skin. To put it more succinctly: womp womp.

Everyone should be wearing an SPF of 30 every day, but it’s especially important if you head outside to smoke. “That’s going to help with not worsening issues like dilated blood vessels, and uneven tone,” Dr. Wise explains.

Also, Dr. Wise suggests changing up your serums for day and night. “Using an anti-oxidant serum with help with the free-radical damage encountered from the smoke chemicals blowing back in your face.” Apply the serum under your sunscreen and it will help rebuild and plump up the collagen in your skin.

For nighttime, Dr. Wise suggests trying out a retinol, since smoking decreases vitamin A and all retinols are vitamin-A derivatives. You want increased levels of vitamin A so that your body turns over skin cells faster, rather than clinging to old, dull skin. As a plus, retinol helps to reduce wrinkles and acne, which no one wants, regardless of whether you smoke. To combat the flakiness that can come with the retinol skin turnover and drier skin, Dr. Wise also suggests using a very hydrating moisturizer and a non-comedogenic night cream.

Because smoke can also clog pores, Dr. Wise also suggests that you wash your face thoroughly twice a day.  Now don’t let the smoke get in your eyes.

To reduce damage already done, use a moisturizer with Niacinimide, peptides and glycerin.  These ingredients can help speed skin surface cell turnover, improving damaged skin and replenishing lost moisture.

Try antioxidants, such as carnosine or vitamin E, to help protect the skin from surface free radical damage. 



Why do women who smoke need special facial care?

For 11 years we have been working with beauty professionals and produce professional skincare. As manufacturers, we are looking for new niches for innovative products. During these years, we recognized a need for special skincare for smoking ladies. The need came from the observations of skincare specialists - a woman who smokes in order to maintain the skin, appearance and cells in the best possible shape and state, prevent the negative effects of smoking, requires a focused and concentrated course of skin care. That's why Regene Supreme, a brand new product-type and formulation, was developed.

The beauty world is crowded with products. Each woman already has her own brand of facial care. Isn't that enough?

For daily face care - definitely enough. However, Regene Supreme is not a daily facial care product. This is a concentrated, focused 1.5-month turbo course designed specifically for a smoking woman, providing care what a daily cream does not. Just because regular creams are not so concentrated and their active ingredients are not focused on meeting the vital needs of a smoking woman’s skin and cells - protection, moisturizing, attraction of oxygen, anti-aging, pigmentation, skin firmness, collagen and elastin synthesis, cell membrane protection, detoxification, vascular wall strengthening - in long term. That is why Regene Supreme is only applicable as a course, due to its high concentration and active ingredients. The course lasts 1.5 months - just as long as one cycle of skin regeneration. It is recommended to take the course 3-4 times a year.

What is included in Regene Supreme SET?

The course consists of three products - day cream, night cream and cleansing foam. The products work in a system complementary to each other.

In your website is mentioned that the product was developed in cooperation with German and Swiss specialists?

Yes, we have involved specialists from Switzerland and Germany to develop Regene Supreme because the product is specific and complex. We, as manufacturers, have 11 years of professional cosmetics development, we are one of the best in the industry, but Regene Supreme has specific nuances and whims that we solved with colleagues from Switzerland and Germany to ensure 100% product efficacy on smoking affected skin, face and cells.

Can you reveal a little about the ingredients of the product - what ensures the obvious result?

The result is really obvious!
We use basically the newest biotechnologically produced raw materials and natural substances.
For example, Regene Supreme contains extremolytes. Extremolytes are
small stress-protection molecules, which protect extremophilic microorganisms and plants from the lethal and extreme conditions of their habitats like salt lakes, hot springs, arctic ice, the deep sea or deserts. Extremolites were discovered in 1985 in a salt lake in Wadi El Natrun. Extremolites show global and powerful protection efficacy, shield the skin from extrinsic and intrinsic factors of skin aging and cell damage like pollution particles, sun light, temperature and chemical stress.
At the same time, extremolites enhance and restore cell functions, which are responsible for the skin´s health and beauty. This global protection and repairing activity leads to a long-lasting and visible preservation and restoration of youthful and healthy skin.
Clinical studies about efficacy of extremolites are surprising. This type of defense is exactly what  skin and cells need when a woman smokes.
Day cream, on the other hand, contains a different kind of supermolecule - it has a light-reflecting effect and, as a result, the tone of the face is smoothed out, besides it acts as an anti-aging agent and protector. It is like the new generation CC or BB cream. It does not contain color or pigment, but provides a radiant effect on the face. Of course, there are also antioxidants, microelements, vitamins, extracts, oils, low molecular weight hilurionic acid, lactic acid and beeswax, besides "smart molecules" or biotechnology. Basically, the composition focuses on restoring the intracellular matrix, cellular strengthening, cell membrane protection, detoxification, maximum skin protection, anti-aging, skin elasticity, anti-pigmentation in long-term. However, the product is still 99% natural, despite its HI-TEC composition.

Does Regene Supreme have anything that might surprise us?

It is not easy to be surprised nowadays, because the range of cosmetics is huge. However, the night cream has a unique feature - it may look rich in consistency, but when applied to the face, it "turns from cream to water". The cream's usual rich texture disappears and fresh moisture remains, which is absorbed immediately. It moisturizes for 72 hours. You may feel that your face is not thoroughly dry after washing, but it is the action of the cream that gives this feeling. With this effect we wanted to give the cream maximum lightness without losing or affecting its valuable composition.
All three products are flavored with lemongrass essential oil, which is light and volatile. Lemongrass essential oil has no effect on the formula and does not disrupt its action and at the same time is completely natural. No artificial fragrance or perfume.


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